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The Titanic and the Jews

Some interesting facts about the fate of the Jews who boarded the Titanic.


Standing Together with Spain

See the city council house of Tel-Aviv in Israel - standing together with Spain


My Time in Bosnia - Part 2

The story behind Alan Harris's trip to Bosnia Part 2

Following on from the humanitarian work that Alan Harris did in Bosnia with the Jewish community, please read the following article. This is where Alan continued his work, this time helping with the evacuation of Jews and others from Bosnia. It is only now that this work has been published due to its sensitive nature.


Switzerland decries anti-Semitism

Swiss foreign ministry’s denunciation comes after Deputy FM Hotovely urges ‘a formal condemnation’; Simon Wiesenthal Center calls for inn to be shut


I am proud to be an Israeli

Excerpts of Prime Minister's speech...


The Jews in Spain

A collection of articles detailing the history of the Jews within Spain.


The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross

"Having an official camera, I was able to capture all the tragic period in the Lodz Ghetto.

I did it knowing that if I were caught my family and I would be tortured and killed."

- Henryk Ross


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