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Switzerland decries anti-Semitism

Swiss foreign ministry’s denunciation comes after Deputy FM Hotovely urges ‘a formal condemnation’; Simon Wiesenthal Center calls for inn to be shut


I am proud to be an Israeli

Excerpts of Prime Minister's speech...


The Jews in Spain

A collection of articles detailing the history of the Jews within Spain.


The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross

"Having an official camera, I was able to capture all the tragic period in the Lodz Ghetto.

I did it knowing that if I were caught my family and I would be tortured and killed."

- Henryk Ross


The Sephardi influence on the Mediterranean Diet

The cuisine of Spain has certainly undergone a lot of foreign influence over the centuries.....


Israel's Air-Defense Industry - Air India Exhibition 2017

Israel's Air-Defense Industry - at the last Air India Exhibition - 2017

I did not know that Israel offers all these kinds of things.


Holocaust Remembers: Aviva Goldschmidt

Aviva Goldschmidt - Childhood Trauma Stays with Survivor


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