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The Sephardi influence on the Mediterranean Diet

The cuisine of Spain has certainly undergone a lot of foreign influence over the centuries.....


Israel's Air-Defense Industry - Air India Exhibition 2017

Israel's Air-Defense Industry - at the last Air India Exhibition - 2017

I did not know that Israel offers all these kinds of things.


Holocaust Remembers: Aviva Goldschmidt

Aviva Goldschmidt - Childhood Trauma Stays with Survivor


Holocaust Remembers: Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake - The Gestapo's #1 Most Wanted


United Nations - A force for good in the world?

The workings of the Secuity Council


Neighbouring Countries - Israel & Palestine

Israel & Palestine - A view from both sides


Prince Charles lays flowers in Jerusalem

Prince Charles lays flowers at Princess Alice of Greece's grave in Jerusalem for first time.


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