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Holocaust Remembers: Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake - The Gestapo's #1 Most Wanted


United Nations - A force for good in the world?

The workings of the Secuity Council


Neighbouring Countries - Israel & Palestine

Israel & Palestine - A view from both sides


Prince Charles lays flowers in Jerusalem

Prince Charles lays flowers at Princess Alice of Greece's grave in Jerusalem for first time.


Jewish Roads - Catalonia

Felipe and AnnaRose Lopez visit the Catalonia Province Sep 2016


The Hidden Synagogue

The Hidden Synagogue. Hidden within a Tea Pot during the Inquisition.


YidLife Crisis in London

Jamie and Eli benefit from the knowledge of guide David Rosenberg to understand the bagel vs. beigel debate and the history of "tailor-made" unionisation in London's East End.Then meets Leon Silver who enlightens them on the history of the area and the interfaith nature of the community.


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