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Refugees accross the Med

Should we as Jews feel sympathy for the refugees crossing the Mediterranean for sanctuary?


Cameron speech March15 to all British Jews

If you have 10 minutes, you certainly won’t regret the time spent reading this inspiring speech by David Cameron to all British Jews.


Portuguese Synagogue (the Esnoga) in Amsterdam

An article written by Benno following his visit to this famous Portugese Synagogue


The Last Remaining Synagogues in Muslim World

Beautiful and amazing -- the architecture, the decor, the size, the elegance!


Frank Sinatra - His Jewish Connection

Sinatra's love affair with the Jewish people....


The One Righteous Man

French Prime Minister smashes European denial with a ferocious call to arms against antisemitism.


All Jews must leave France - Really?

Jewish Journal article by Joel Bertet concerned with French Jews


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