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Hitler's Black Book

Was your family on this list?


Israel's memorial to 9/11

This is something that you've probably never seen.... It needs no comment.


Kaifeng's Jews

Descendants of centuries-old Jewish community in China's Kaifeng rediscover Jewish heritage after near complete assimilation in their local community.


How I made the leap from being Korean to being Jewish

Though there are few practicing Jews in South Korea, the country has a big affinity for Judaism.


The Jews of Shanghai

Interesting background history of the Jews of Shanghai


Judaica Sound Archives

If you are interested in Yiddish / Israeli / Ladino / Cantorial / Jewish Theatre and similar music and culture, here's a site with about 5000 historical and modern recordings.


Getting a Jewish State back

Interesting story how one Jew influenced getting a Jewish State back in 1947


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