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Holocaust Memorial Day in Amsterdam

Report from Benno and Marion Vogel from The Netherlands

Today on the 28th of January we attended the National Holocaust Memorial Day.

This morning there was a parade in silence at the center of Amsterdam from the Townhall to the Auschwitz Memorial.

This Memorial is made of mirrors with scratches on the ground, in which one can see the broken sky, saying the sky will never be the same as before the Holocaust.

And also says in Dutch: "NEVER AUSCHWITZ AGAIN"

There was a huge number of people and children, also the Prime-minister, the Mayer and people of the government.

The whole event was very impressive with many speeches and music.

It was directly recorded on the national Television. Our Prime-minister was warning for upcoming anti semitism. From the 140.000 Jews before the war, 110.000 were deported and did not survive.

After the ceremony celebrities, people of the Jewish community, ambassadors of several countries, people of the former resistance, children and a few survivors payed their respect with all kind of beautiful flowers, as you can see on the pictures.


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