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Simchat Torah October 2023

The first service in our new premises was on Saturday, October 7th, and was the first Simchat Torah service since Covid-19. Due both to the pandemic and the effects of Brexit, there weren't as many people as in previous years; just over 20, but it was heartening to see some new faces in the congregation.

As we hadn't met on Yom Kippur, and in light of the tragic events in Israel, a Yiskor service preceded the main service.

During the service all the men present were given the opportunity to carry one of our 2 sefrei torah. Although not usual practice, and as most people had not been to a shul service during the Yom Tov period, the shofar was blown at the end of the service.

Following a kiddush of wine and challah, everyone partook of the delicious food and drinks which were kindly prepared by those present.

Photographs and videos can be viewed in the Gallery section - Click HERE to view them.

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