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Elstrie Shteibel

Elstrie Shteibel - formerly the Artichoke pub

Driving along Elstree Hill North, in search of a ‘piyutim stop’ – especially during the High Holy Days - Jewish drivers may be tempted to pull over at what seems obviously to be a pub. This isolated but welcoming building indeed looks like a pub, and the various signs indeed look very much like pub signs.

However, something appears very slightly amiss.

For, although a pub sign remains, it now depicts a tallit-draped Jew. Gone is the original pub name, ‘The Artichoke’. Standing proudly in its place, and whilst not exactly 'The Dog and Chazan', or 'The Red Heffer', the 'Elstree Shtiebel' may well be in full flow.

Although the spirits normally associated with pubs may not be the ones flowing (unless it’s Purim, and therefore virtually mandatory to be shticker) there will almost certainly be spirit of a different type in evidence, and much more potent than any liquid which can be bottled.

Founded in 2012 by Mendel Tajtelbaum in memory of Reb Yitzchok Dovid Tajtelbaum
(Dedication of the building, formerly the Artichoke pub, took place on 27 January 2013)


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