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The Hidden Synagogue

The Hidden Synagogue

These are photos of a mind-bending piece of artwork.

The contributor describes it thusly: "My grandfather gave this to me before he died. First used by hidden Jews during the Inquisition, it's shaped like a teapot, but contains many secret Judaic pieces. The Hidden Synagogue. It's hard to describe how beautiful it is."

The complete teapot

Remove the top:

It's a hidden dreidel

Remove the next layer

It's a perfume/spice holder


The Hebrew word on the bottom says ????? (basmim), 'spices or perfumes'

The next layer is:

The eternal flame.

The Front View - The inscription reads, 'The light of God is man’s soul'.

But there’s another secret:

A complete megilla (the scroll containing the biblical narrative of the Book of Esther, traditionally read in synagogues to celebrate the festival of Purim.)

The main body is designed to hold an etrog, the yellow citron or Citrus medica used by Jews on the week-long holiday of Sukkot.

The words say 'pri etz hadar' (the fruit of the majestic tree), a biblical reference to the etrog.


Candlesticks for Shabbos

Close up of candlesticks

Remove the flowered tray, and under the candlesticks is:

A Seder plate.


But there’s one more thing.

A menorah.

With the shammash ('servant'), the 9th light of the menorah used to light the other 8 candles.

An amazing treasure to behold!


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